10 Ways to Destroy Your Blog Before You Even Begin.

Most people don’t read your blog because you’re doing few things which you shouldn’t be doing at all.

When someone lands on your blog, they first look out what’s in it for them.

When you provide the killer reasons to make them stay on your blog, no doubt, your blog will receive tens of thousands new readers every time!

But when you want to destroy your blog reputation, follow these things..

10. Not having a personal tone: People show interest in reading engaging content. When you’re writing in corporate style, there’s no way you can grab your readers attention. You’re not a robot to not having a unique voice. Be personal. You’re writing for people. So treat them as one. Having a friendly tone is actually a good way to engage with the readers.

9. Being ignorant to the readers: Readers love to visit your blog again and again when you’re providing them some value. Instead, if you’re focusing only on promoting products or monetization, you may lose the potential readers for your blog. This is not at all good for your blog.

Spend some time to respond to readers emails, comments and their views on your blog. You can make them stick to your blog when you’re building long term relationships with them.

8. Having deadlinks everywhere: For suppose if someone is reading your blog word to word (okay I know it happens rarely!), if they click on a link for further reference, what would they do if that link lands them on a 404 error page? How weird that could be for them?

Do they again show interest in reading your blog? Find the dead links first. Use broken link checker to find deadlinks on your blog. And unlink or fix them to make your blog deadlink free.

7. Stealing others contents: This is the common trait of new bloggers! Don’t think that everyone around is a fool, if they once find their copy plagiarized, they may file a complaint against you using different acts like DMCA, copyright infringement etc.

6. Running ONLY after Google: Google is doing annoying things to keep extremely relevant data on their pages, that’s the reason why they’re coming up more often with various updates and limiting their pages from 10 to 7!

When you’re depending only on Google to bring traffic to your blog, you may face problems in the long run. So try to focus on building an email list, and converting normal readers into loyal readers, building your network using social media etc. Here are the 30 ways to increase your site traffic.

5. Ignoring the posting frequency: Make sure that you’re being consistent with your blog posting schedule. People think that you’re committed to your blog when they see consistency. They’ll love to read your blog when they realize that your blog is worth reading.

4. Having a crazy design: After content, the most important factor that could affect your blog is the design. If you’ve a unique and user-friendly design, more people love to read your content. If your design is too much cluttered, then you’re forcing them to leave your blog.

Remember, typography matters a lot in the design factor. Make sure you’ve a typography which is easy to read. Don’t use tiny font sizes. Anything around 14 to 16px is the good way to go!

3. Not being everywhere: There are lots of people searching online every single second! It means that they’re everywhere and ready to read any blog that has lots of good MEAT. If you’re not being everywhere how can someone find your blog?

Start podcasting, make some videos (Screenr is the best way to start with, you can create 5 minute free videos) and guest post on those blogs which has high reputation than yours!

2. Thrashing them who pisses you off: When you find negative comments or if someone is criticizing you, don’t thrash them. Instead, learn how to deal with the negative people. Remember your goal is to gain more readers or customers for your blog, so don’t waste your time dealing with wrong persons.

1. Not connecting with others: Blogosphere is running on the concept of win-win. Don’t ask anyone free suggestions, instead, help others to build a better online reputation. Make healthy relationships with others. This will be really helpful for you to build a better network around your blog in the long run.

Which mistakes from the above do you make?

Author: Rahul Kuntala

Courtesy of www.bloggingtips.com