Year: 2012

  • Fullscale WordPress setup and update blog service is on the way

      A new service called Blogican (Blog I Can) coming out in January of 2013. We will offer a full range of services for bloggers of all levels: WordPress blogs installation and setup along with professional themes and plugins Blog maintainance – wordpress, plugins and themes recurring updates. Blogging optimized professional hosting Original human written […]

  • Why You Should (or Shouldn’t ) Use List Blogs.

    In my quest for SEO knowledge I have created a list of blogs to monitor daily. I have been watching them closely looking for similarities, soaking in expertise, and at times being overwhelmed by the creativity of bloggers. Trying to discover the subtleties of search I stumbled upon one of my own patterns: I open […]

  • 3 Tips For WordPress Beginners.

    One of the most strategic and easiest ways of gaining success in the world of blogging is through WordPress. Entirely based on PHP and MySQL, WordPress is by far the most successful open source and free blogging platform. I remember when my secondary level school teacher once told me that “education should always begin with […]

  • 9 Things You Do Wrong on Twitter.

    There’s no doubt about it – Twitter, one of the world’s most popular social media websites, has more of a learning curve than just about any other social networking website operating today. If you’ve never used the platform before, determining where and how to jump into the conversation can seem overwhelming, leading many would-be social […]

  • How To Get Reputable Bloggers To Share Your Content.

    I had to stop what I was doing and share this with you guys. In this video I show you how a blogger approached me and got me to share his content on all my social media networks. The blogger’s name is Justin Young. He created a cool tutorial called “How To Use Google Reader […]

  • Add Affiliate Marketing to Your Blogging Arsenal.

    How can bloggers take the next step to becoming great affiliate marketers? After all, bloggers are sending readers to links every day with their posts. They’re bringing their focus and passion to topics of their choosing, and they’re creating compelling, unique content that helps to bring in an online audience. So why not develop some […]

  • The Top 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Prior to Launching Your First Blogger Community.

    The power of blogs, from their passionately vocal owners to the amount of quality traffic and brand awareness they deliver, is an undisputed precedent here in our online marketing world. Playing the role of confidante, advocate, and subject matter expert for their readers, bloggers bring a unique voice and perspective that readers appreciate and resonate […]

  • 16 Tips to Review Before You Buy WordPress Themes.

    What criteria should be considered by purchasers before they buy WordPress themes? Buying a theme should be an informative decision and not one based solely on emotion or esthetics. We theme developers, and our themes for that matter, come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From new theme creators to established WordPress firms, we […]

  • The Blogger Outreach Equation.

    Does your team have a smiling face, who sits behind a desk and pitches content marketing all day? That’s your sales team — I mean, your blogger outreach team. Fortunately, your blogger outreach team is selling what people want: free, mutual-benefit content. To improve the placement rate of your blogger outreach team, you should leverage […]

  • How To Blog Effectively.

    There is a huge buzz out there about blogging. But many people out there are asking themselves how do I blog? And how do I do it well? Well this blog entry sets out to provide some guidelines on how to properly blog. Creating fresh, engaging content helps build a loyal following and attract links. […]