4 Ways to Get More People to Actually Read Your Blog Posts.

... mine. It’s already getting more people to read my posts than before

Obviously the reason why you are writing and publishing articles is because you want them to reach your target audience…

And there are lots of things you could do to spread the word about your latest article:

  • You could do some on-site SEO to make sure Google indexes your next article.
  • You could share the post on Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus.
  • Or ...
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    Long awaited service for bloggers of all levels launching April 22nd, 2013

    Be A Blogging Chief


    We are about to launch a new website called Blogican.com with services that a lot of people wanted forever.

    Do you have a great idea for a blog, but don’t have time or skills to creat one, so it looks top notch? Or, may be, you need to quickly add another WordPress blog to your blog network ...

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    Blogging, the Best Way to Make Money Online.

    money blog 300x300 How To Make Money Blogging 10 Step Solution

    Most of the people making money online agree to this phrase, however, there are few, who may not support it. However, the fact is blogging is one of the ways of making extra money since it involves many things. First of all you need to take some time in establishing your blog over the web landscape then it’s possible to earn ...

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    5 Common Sales Page Mistakes that Are Easy to Fix.

    And when fixed, will immediately increase your sales! In this video I’ll show you the five common mistakes and exactly how to fix them.

    How to Fix These Common Sales Page Mistakes

  • 1. Eliminate distractions on the page
  • 2. Format the page so that it’s skimmable and easy to digest
  • 3. Add relevant photos
  • 4. Include testimonials
  • 5. Follow the one goal per page rule by having one clear call-to-action
  • Author: Heidi

    Courtesy of www.clearsimplemarketing.com

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