9 Quick Tips to Increase Affiliate Income on Your Blog

affiliate marketing blog

So you’ve got a blog and you’re doing affiliate marketing – with either no success, little success or great success (high five!) – but hey, you’re always looking for ways to make more. Below are 9 things I’ve done over the years – with success – to earn more revenue from my blogs.

#9 – Stop relying solely on the sidebar

This is typically the most common “symptom” I see in ...

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5 Tips to Get More Social Sharing Clicks

social media marketing

So you’ve been working hard on your company’s blog for months. You’ve been posting interesting, insightful articles, linking to great resources all over the web and even writing the occasional guest post for some added promotion. Everything’s been going great so far, but then

Your precious articles are not getting shared enough and nobody’s clicking your social share buttons. Major bummer!

Well the chances are it’s not your fault. You see, ...

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How To Plan Your Business Blog.

Business plan writing workshop

Planning a business blog is a tricky concept, especially if you don’t have a clear image of what your CUSTOMERS want.

Notice I didn’t say:

1) What will sell your products

2) How to look “professional” and convince customers to like you

3) How to do things just because the “guru” told you to

A great business blog is all about giving your CUSTOMERS what they want.

So what is that exactly?

What Customers Want

If ...

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Blogging Ideas –What To Do When the Well Runs Dry

blogging ideas

Blogs are a wonderful way to provide your customers with a great resource while also keeping your website stocked with fresh, SEO-optimized content. Blogs can also be pretty daunting. Once you create a blog, you’ve got yet another demand on your time – and your creativity.

But take heart – every webmaster or content editor runs out of ideas eventually. When you do, there are some tried and true methods for kick-starting ...

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