Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to RSS Users!

christmas-2015Dear Friends,

Our team would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We thank you for using our RSS tools and looking forward to meet you all next year full of energy and espiration!

We would like to share our nearest development plans:

  • RSS Reader
  • New General RSS Feeds Generator
  • Brand new Postomator

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Have great holidays! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Feeds Poster team

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Do Responsive Web Designs Convert Better?

responsive designNow, we can safely say that 2014 is indeed the year of mobile. Smartphones had taken the place of desktops, laptops, and even tablets. And why not? You could have and do everything you need with using a phone. This also motivates Google to predict that by the fourth quarter of 2014, people will prefer a mobile-first lifestyle. In this article, we will explore responsiveness and whether responsive designs convert much ...

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What To Do With Old Blog Content

blog content managementTake Out Your Ax, Chop It Up Like Firewood and Keep Your Blog Toasty Warm

You want to read articles from people who practice what they preach, right?

Well, that’s definitely the case here. You see, this article is about repurposing content…and I’ve repurposed this article.

Perfect timing, as the fall air turns cooler; autumn is a great time of year to repurpose an article that compares old content to seasoned firewood.

Just consider ...

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Thanksgiving felicitation from RSS Ground

ThanksGiving-2014-main-3Dear RSS Ground Users!
RSS Ground team would like to thank all community members for being the live engine of the service all this long. We hope it is the same pleasure for you to use our RSS tools as it is pleasure for us to develop them.
We would like to use the opportunity of a Thanksgiving holiday to express our ...

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How To Become A Pro Blogger

professional bloggingHow many people harbour the romantic dream of becoming a writer? Move somewhere down by the coast, spend your days tapping out those bestsellers on a little laptop, your evenings eating nice food and sipping fine wines? Ahh, it’s bliss isn’t it.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the reality for many wannabe writers. Writing fiction is very hard, there is lots of competition, homes by the sea are extortionately priced, and, unless you’re a ...

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Is Your TITLE tag Properly Optimized?

title tagOkay, it”s title tag time again as the SEO world is generally looking at this factor – the #1 factor most of us agree – as the simplest and best way to gain some SEO ranking juice.

As you may know for years we (the SEO world that is) preached that if you want to use a title tag longer than say 70 characters, you’d be indexed, but Google et al would ...

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12 Things You Should Do After Publishing a Blog for Your Business

blog promotion tipsAfter reading up on the power of content marketing, you successfully finished writing the most awesome blog post for your company blog. Now that your blog post has been published for the world to see, you may think you can just sit back and watch as your blog generates traffic overnight. “How could it not?” you say. Considering the fact ...

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How Long Should a Blog Post Be? Myths Debunked!

blog post tipsHere at Rank Jane we get emails about this all the time, how long should a blog post be?

Does Google like me more if I have over 1,000 words?

Do people pay more attention to shorter articles?

I’m always confused as to why we keep getting these questions. I feel as though the answer is obvious once we understand how Google truly works. People ...

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