3 Misconceptions About Blogging.


1. You can make money by just blogging

NO – You’re not going to make money blogging.

What I mean is most people thought that just by merely blogging they can make money. The answer is NO! Bloggers are making money through Adsense, affiliate marketing or selling their own product. Blogging is a platform not business. If you really wanted to make money online than you have to create businesses – your blog is that platform to launch those businesses.

So Don’t just put your time on blogging alone but creating a brand, a brand that can create a business – a business that can make money online.

2. All businesses need a blog

NO – Not all businesses need a blog.

Some of businesses try to push a blog onto a business. but they can’t afford the time, energy and focus to do blogging. What is the purpose of creating a blog? if no time to proceed it?

For those business, my advises is paying for advertisement or pickup a phone to get referrals and make sales.

3. Content is ‘THE’ King

NO – Content is NOT the King , How to get people to notices your contents is the King

You know what? People don’t care about content, it’s why they skim, more important than it but the most, by far, is your branding – it’s what’s going to get your content distributed on the web. So remind yourself next time – great content means nothing unless you can get people to read it.

Internet world is always been about the connections we create with people. Not the content. Not the platforms. Not the social networks. It’s having face time with people. Opening up. Being real.

If all you’re doing is reading blogs, forums and talking on Twitter – you’re not getting things done. Take action, do work, hustle, do what it takes to start your journey online ; just.do.something to step up the game.

Author: James Gan

Courtesy of www.jamesgan.me