4 Reasons Why Original Blog Content is Important.

Creating original blog content can be time-consuming. Some might also wonder, “What’s the point – isn’t there enough content out there already?”. I’ll describe my viewpoint on original content and why I continue to produce it for my blog as well as for clients’ blogs.

Why Original Blog Content is Important:

1) It Establishes Your Company as an Authority:

– Original content establishes authority and credibility for you and your company (it doesn’t matter if articles on similar topics exist elsewhere – why let your competitors hog all the glory?!)

– The content (if good) helps “pre-sell” your company to your prospective clients

– Your blog is a platform that allows for connections with other industry influencers

2) Content Enhances your Social Media Strategy (and linking it to your website):

– You need to share great content in social media. It’s fine to share other’s content most of the time….

– …But your original content is what brings people back to your site. If you have no original content, your social media and web strategies are disconnected

– Social media allows people to share your (good) content broadly, reaching new potential customers or industry players with your message

3) Content Improves your Search Engine Optimization

– Your blog (and website) content and the engagement that people have with it in other blogs (e.g. links to your blog) and social media (e.g. shares) sends signals to Google, which is a kind of “robot” (it needs explicit signals and can’t “infer” things about your business)

– These signals allow Google (and Bing, Ask.com and others) to understand what your site is about, and how authoritative it is. This leads to higher ranking for certain keywords that you use in your content

4) Content Gets People to Take Action

– Your blog content is what attracts people back to your blog from social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn or Google+

– Within your content and at other spots in your blog, you can have explicit “calls to action”

– This is how you turn casual web visitors into more serious prospects (e.g. by having them schedule an appointment, getting your free report or by connecting with you in social media)

Creating Original Content doesn’t have to be hard

Based on the above, the benefits of creating original content to your company’s overall online marketing strategy should be fairly clear. The challenge that most people have is finding the time to create content, coming up with content that provides value to the target audience, creating high quality content, and keeping it all interesting.

It can be done and many companies have found the right combination. To learn more about ways to create high value content with less effort, learn about Fast Easy Blogging here. And let me know in the comments what methods you or your company use to produce good, high quality content or what challenges you face in this area!

Author: Tom Treanor

Courtesy of www.rightmixmarketing.com

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