A Great Tool for Finding WordPress Themes and Plugins.


Have you ever stumbled across an awesome website or blog and wondered if it was built using WordPress and if a stock theme was used? Yep, I thought so. You’re not alone. We all do it. The grass always looks greener on someone else’s website, so we are on an never ending path of finding WordPress themes and plugins.

Back in 2011 a little website called WhatWPThemeIsThat.com was launched. This simple, but super cool website allows you to quickly locate the theme of any WordPress website and figure out which WordPress developer created it. It will also tell you if a framework is used (like my beloved Genesis) and if plugins can be identified. It won’t show all plugins, but it will show some of them and it will link over to the plugin’s page on the WordPress.org repository.

From the website you can discover some hidden gems in both WordPress designers and in plugins that you may or may not have known about.

Samples of What You Can Discover

  • BBC America – Custom theme that runs on the Thematic framework.
  • Katty Perry – Custom theme using Google Analyticator, Wordfence, W3 Total Cache, and Rpx for social integration.
  • Rollin Stones – Custom theme using Google Analytics for WordPress.

The website also provides some information on top plugins and top themes, although it does mix themes and frameworks under one bucket. Genesis (my baby) is at the top with 7.73% of searches. It’s rival Thesis is fourth with 4.52% of searches. What surprises me is ThemeForest comes in third with 5.02% of searches. Given the popularity of ThemeForest, I would have imagined that to be a much higher amount.

Another Quick Trick

Another trick for discovering a website’s themes and plugins is to review the source code of a given website and use your browser’s find feature to search for words like “plugin”. Similar to the above tool, it won’t show all plugins, but you can see some plugins, the WordPress theme name, and get some competitive information.

The next time you’re hunting around for design inspiration and stumble upon an amazing website, don’t forget this handy little website and tool.

Author: Rebecca Gill

Courtesy of www.web-savvy-marketing.com

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