Blog Syndication: What, Why, How

syndicate contentn the modern days of content marketing, less is more. Writers drafting content for the online media are asked to write quality posts rather than more posts. This means that after a blog post is written with due research and information, it will have to be actively promoted for more readers. The visibility of the blog post has to be increased in order to gain maximum leverage out of a single blog post. Blog syndication is another way of getting more from a blog post.

Syndication is the process of re-publishing blog post content on various websites and blogs at the same time with due credit to the author of the post. It is like a famous sportsperson writing a column and that post getting published on several newspapers on the same day. This is not content duplication in any sense of the term. Proper credit and authorship is given to the writer of the blog post. Google does not treat syndicated blog posts as duplicate content because its bots can quickly identify the credited source and so does the readers.

Blog syndication is like opening various doors to your house for people to walk in from any direction that they choose. Having multiple points of entry to your online network will result in more people knowing and visiting your website or blog. Your syndicated blog post will have back links to your website and blog. Any reader wishing to know more about the topic will click on available links and check out your web pages. A syndicated blog post is different from a guest blog post in the fact that guest blog posts are only for one web page while the former is for several platforms.

There are various networks that can propel your blog content through syndicated channels. Platforms like Business2Community, Social Media Today, AllBusiness or Quora are some of the networks that you can think of for blog syndication. The syndicated blogs will not just get you more traffic to your own blog or website; it will help you attain a sizeable readership following online. Your credibility as a writer on a particular topic will be established and your writing will be read by new, unique users.
Author: Debajyoti Banerjee