6 Tips for Attracting More Comments.

We’re often asked “How do you get more people to read and respond to blog posts?”

Good question! We all gain more out of blogging when we comment.

Comments motivate, provide feedback and advice, challenge our thoughts and views, make us reflect on what we’re learning.

The challenge is how do we attract more comments?

Below’s my tips for attracting more comments for personal educational blogging. Check out Kathleen Morris’s tips for ‘Attracting blog comments’ on class and student blogs.

What are yours? ...

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3 Blogging Mistakes That Hurt Your Brand Image And Hinder Marketing Efforts.

Many reasons exist for operating a business blog. As part of a well-rounded content marketing strategy, a business blog can improve your online visibility, establish trust with target audience members, and help generate traffic to your website.

Thinking About A BlogConsumers are looking online for more information about the products or services that you offer. By creating quality content and maintaining a business blog there is a better chance of being found by target audience members in the increasingly ...

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10 Ways to Destroy Your Blog Before You Even Begin.

Most people don’t read your blog because you’re doing few things which you shouldn’t be doing at all.

When someone lands on your blog, they first look out what’s in it for them.

When you provide the killer reasons to make them stay on your blog, no doubt, your blog will receive tens of thousands new readers every time!

But when you want to destroy your blog reputation, follow these things..

10. Not having a personal tone: People show interest in reading engaging content. ...

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Three Reasons Why You Need a Blogging Strategy.

I think every small business should have a blog, but sometimes just posting to it in an ad-hoc fashion won’t cut the mustard.

In this rest of this post I’ll look at three reasons why a long-term blogging strategy is better than making it up as you go along.

First of all, what do I mean by ‘blogging strategy’? It’s basically putting a long term blogging plan in place rather than just posting on what you feel like, when you feel like ...

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Blog SEO: How to Optimize Your Posts.

First, a disclaimer: When it comes to writing individual blog posts, I don’t really care about SEO 100 percent of the time. Some of the blog posts I write (on all of my blogs, not just this one) don’t need SEO; some are written fully for my readers and I don’t care or expect them to ever rank well in search engine results. So, please understand that, when I talk about optimizing an individual blog post, I realize you may ...

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Welcome to Feeds Poster blog!

Hello dear Feeds Poster Users!

Welcome to our blog which is aimed at providing you with the latest information and news concerning our service.

We will also provide you with information on all upgrades and updates of our RSS tools. You will be the first who will learn of our special offers, promotions and presentations.

It is planned to post related articles on online business thematic, tips and hints on RSS technology topic and other useful materials for your benefit and success.

Stay tuned ...

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