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  • How To Plan Your Business Blog.

    Planning a business blog is a tricky concept, especially if you don’t have a clear image of what your CUSTOMERS want. Notice I didn’t say: 1) What will sell your products 2) How to look “professional” and convince customers to like you 3) How to do things just because the “guru” told you to A […]

  • 7 Building Blocks for Starting a Small Business Blog.

    I’ve written a lot of articles in the last couple years for small business bloggers. In going through them, it seems like the best ones fit into seven areas that I believe can serve as a guide for any business that’s just starting a new company blog. (And can serve as a reminder, perhaps, for […]

  • Blogging, the Best Way to Make Money Online.

    Most of the people making money online agree to this phrase, however, there are few, who may not support it. However, the fact is blogging is one of the ways of making extra money since it involves many things. First of all you need to take some time in establishing your blog over the web […]