5 Ways to Modernize your Blog Monetization for 2013.

Blog monetization

Out with the old, in with the new.

It happens every year and it never gets old.

Just as the seasons change we must adapt and adjust in business or suffer the consequences.

Do you remember why the hare lost the race to the tortoise?

Planning + Action = Victory.

2012 introduced brand new technology to the internet.

A brand new modern internet protocol and markup language:

– HTML5HTML4 is old news.

– Now its all about ...

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Tips for beginners –Blogging Boost SEO ROI.

by Cendrine Marrouat on 17/03/2012 in Blogging , Tips

Blogging continues to grow in popularity for companies and individuals alike; whether writing or reading for personal or business reasons, blogs have become a common way of sharing thoughts and documenting news, but a way to generate SEO benefits. The latest statistics from WordPress support this, as it revealed that for last week alone, commencing Sunday 9th September, their global recorded ...

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