5 Ways to Grow Your Blog Community and Readership

readershipThe more relevant readers of your blog content, the more opportunities to attract, engage and convert those readers in your online sales efforts.

Content marketing, brand publishing, media sites that blog, and consumer publishing are all competitors for the time and attention of your target audience.

So how can a company increase the number of readers of its blog content?

Here are 5 tips I’ve implemented with many companies and for ourselves over the years.

1. ...

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5 Tips to Get More Social Sharing Clicks

social media marketing

So you’ve been working hard on your company’s blog for months. You’ve been posting interesting, insightful articles, linking to great resources all over the web and even writing the occasional guest post for some added promotion. Everything’s been going great so far, but then

Your precious articles are not getting shared enough and nobody’s clicking your social share buttons. Major bummer!

Well the chances are it’s not your fault. You see, ...

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4 Ways to Get More People to Actually Read Your Blog Posts.

... mine. It’s already getting more people to read my posts than before

Obviously the reason why you are writing and publishing articles is because you want them to reach your target audience…

And there are lots of things you could do to spread the word about your latest article:

  • You could do some on-site SEO to make sure Google indexes your next article.
  • You could share the post on Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus.
  • Or ...
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    5 Ways Anyone Can Gain Twitter Followers Fast.

    ways to get more twitter followers freeWork With Nathan Conner

    From celebrities to grandmas, everyone is using Twitter to share content and links. As one of the most popular social networking sites in the world, Twitter boasts a huge following. By increasing social influence on Twitter, businesses and individuals can reach a huge amount of people with little effort. Here are five ways anyone can gain Twitter followers fast!

    1. Search for Keywords

    Let’s ...

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    3 Ways to Align Your Blog Content with Your Target Audience?

    Simple Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Blog | BetterNetworker.com

    It’s the question that’s on many people’s minds when they have a blog – who is our audience? What matters to them? If you have a niche blog – one that’s already ...

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    How to Use Twitter Hashtags to Your Advantage.

    Blogging - Image Page

    Twitter hashtags are an easy way to make your tweets more searchable by people that could be interested in them and your company’s products and services. However, it is easy to go overboard, so utilize these basic hashtag guidelines ...

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