5 Effective Blog Marketing Strategies For 2014

blog marketingI hear you loud and clear. You have a blog, you put up great content, but your efforts still seem lacking as you are not getting the results you want.

Every blog owner wants the same thing: for their blog to be seen. Whatever type of blog you put up and for whatever purpose, you want your blog to get noticed and build a following.

You will get tons of advice online on how to promote your blog and market it the right way. But today, IÆm just going to tell you straight up the 5 most effective marketing strategies that you can do for your blog in 2014.

1. Use Your Social Media Accounts

If there is one way to easily promote your blog site, it is through social media. Use your social media accounts and market your blog there. However, do be careful in how you use your words when promoting. Instead of saying ôI have posted a new article,ö talk about the content itself. You are not promoting yourself here, you are promoting your blog and the information there.

The outright advantage of going to social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to promote your blog is that you probably already have a following there.

2. Build a List

YouÆd often hear people telling you to build your mailing list so you can keep the information about your visitors and send them updates every time thereÆs something new on your blog. Building a list is indeed important, but itÆs how you use this list that will make or break your successful marketing strategy.

Differentiate between a marketing list and newsletter list. A marketing list is a list of people that you send affiliate promotions and low quality content to. A newsletter list is where you send relevant and valuable content with calls-to-action that will keep the user engaged. Obviously, you need to focus on the latter to promote your site effectively.

Use MailChimp to make the process easy on you.

3. Keep It Fresh and Updated

ThereÆs a reason why visitors would bookmark your blog or subscribe to it. They like what they read and they want more of it, so thatÆs exactly what you want to give them.

ItÆs a good practice to set a reminder in a to-do list tool or some other piece of software. If you need help with that, feel free to refer to some of the comparisons available on the web.

That being said, keeping your blog fresh and updated is not about just posting frequently, but posting quality content consistently. If you can follow a posting schedule, the better. Your readers will appreciate it more.

4. Be a Problem Solver

What better way to market your blog than show people that you can actually help them solve their problems. But, first things first. You have to decide who your target audience is, this way, it will be easier for you to target their problems and help them solve it.

People go online to search for answers, which is why your blog should be about providing helpful answers to your visitors. Focus on providing quality content, guides and tutorials. ItÆs not just about textual information, you can also provide informative images (infographics) and videos to enhance reader engagement.

5. Go Into Influence Marketing

Influence marketing is about connecting with ôinfluencersö in your niche. Influencers are the key players in your niche, the people who have the most influence. By connecting with them, they can help you with distributing your content.

Why should you do this? ItÆs because ôinfluencersö already have an established audience that you can reach out to. You can connect with influencers through social media, commenting on their blog, linking to their blog, sharing their blog posts, mentioning them in your blog posts, helping them out with something or directly involving them in your content.

When it comes to blog marketing, itÆs really all about giving what your audience is looking for. Once you establish that trust and respect among your readers, they will take it to themselves to share your content and help you spread the word too. Take care of these relationships, they will be highly valuable in the long run.

Azalea is a seasoned, sincere editor. She has an interest in action movies, MMA, volleyball, cuisine, and utilizing positive vibes for a balanced lifestyle.

Author: Josh Nadeau
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