8 Habits of Successful Bloggers

blog tipsIt seems like everyone and their mom has a blog these days. Blogging is something that many people get excited about as soon as they start, but that excitement can fizzle out. According to a study by Technorati in 2008, 95% of blogs created have now been abandoned. If you want to keep your site chugging along with a steady stream of visitors, you’ll have to develop some essential habits.

1. Read other blogs

One of the best ways to keep informed about industry trends is by reading other blogs. You can’t add your own voice to the conversation unless you know what conversations are going on. Read about your own niche, but branch out into other subjects as well. You never know where you can find inspiration.

2. Keep your grammar sound

Not to be a stickler, but you have to make sure you’re writing with concise, proper grammar if you want to be successful. You don’t need to keep an APA or MLA stylebook glued to your side, but do remember the basics and make sure to proofread. If you don’t feel like your writing isn’t tremendous, don’t despair. “Not every successful blogger now was born a successful writer. They became a successful writer through practice, and consistent practice,” says Leigh Hankin of Boldly Crafted Words.

3. Stay active on social media

Not only is social media a good way to self-promote your blog, but it’s a great way to keep up with what’s trending on the web. You’re sure to generate a bigger audience by connecting with other bloggers and businesses.

4. Network

“You can create the most amazing content, but if nobody knows you, it won’t go anywhere,” says Marya Jan of Writing Happiness. It’s important to connect with your audience. Your network of blogging friends can be valuable resources for you in the future. They’re great people to bounce ideas off of and can be a source of inspiration if you find yourself with writer’s block.

5. Use mixed media

Blogs are no longer just traditionally written articles anymore. Mix it up every once in a while and add other types of digital media such as video or photo galleries. People love having things to look at other than words.

6. Comment on other blogs

One of the main reasons for blogging is to start a conversation, right? If you like getting comments on your own articles, make sure to return the favor by adding your responses to the blogs you read. It’s also a great way to introduce yourself to other bloggers and grow your personal network.

7. Blog consistently

Set up a schedule and stick to it. You’ll keep a steady stream of traffic to your site if you post regularly instead of sporadically.

8. Plan ahead

The best way to make sure you have a consistent schedule of articles to post is to plan ahead. Whenever an idea comes to you, write it down. Keeping a stockpile of ideas can be helpful when you’re feeling uninspired. On the other hand, if you know of big industry news coming up in your niche, plan ahead to release content that will be topical.

A big part of blogging is staying dedicated and keeping motivated. Once you fall into these habits, your blog will run like clockwork.
Author: Amy Brueckman
Courtesy: www.northcutt.com