8 Sure-Fire Ways To Repurpose Blog Content


You’ve spent hours writing the perfect content for your company blog. You’ve added images, charts and tables to make it high quality and even promoted it on your social media channels to attract new visitors. Now what? How do you get the most mileage out of what you wrote in the past?

With so many places to share and post your content (Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Vine, Slideshare), the possibilities are endless. Our Toronto social media marketing agency has come with 8 simple ways you can repurpose your SEO blog content and drive quality traffic to your website/blog:

1. Share Webinars on YouTube and Vimeo

Host a kickass webinar that will attract tons of attendees on Google+ Hangouts. Remember that not everyone will be able to attend the event. Don’t let the info that you conveyed on the webinar go to waste by repurposing it as a YouTube and Vimeo video. This way, the contents of the webinar will live on forever.

2. Add Presentations to Slideshare

Created a deck for a meeting or a PowerPoint presentation for a guest lecture? Why not upload it to Slideshare, a platform with 60m+ unique visitors a month, and attract more views and shares. Just keep in mind that Slideshare’s main demographic is B2B users that are seeking high quality content, particularly for business purposes. As well, do not forget to add a backlink to your website as Google considers it high authority.

3. Share Infographics on Slideshare, Pinterest and eMaze

You can easily repurpose your blog content as an infographic on Slideshare, Pinterest and eMaze. Infographics are easy to share on social media, especially on Twitter and Pinterest, and people love visual content. In many cases, infographics are better at communicating bulky content to readers and target audiences than pages of black on white texts.

4. Design a Prezi Presentation

Out with the old and boring and in with the new and exhilarating. Prezi allows your creative juices to get flowing and is a potent way to keep your readers attention. No graphic design experience needed as tons of templates are available for your usage. Don’t forget to embed the Prezi link on your blog post and add link to blog article in Prezi presentation description.

5. Develop Videographics on YouTube, Vimeo and in Email Blast/h2s

Videographics are the same as infographics, but contain motion graphics. They are expensive to make and take a lot of time and editing to create a polished version, but nevertheless adds a unique and fresh face to your content marketing ideas. In addition to uploading the videos on YouTube and Vimeo, think about embedding them on your website and in your email blasts you send to clients.

6. Create Case Studies with Kick

If you’ve done a study to see what’s working best for your clients and shared the results on your website/blog, now is the time to make it into a case study! Case studies can include anything from stats to a summary of your research to survey results describing how your solution has helped your clients be more efficient and increase revenue.

7. Answer Questions on Quora

You can use elements from your blog or your website to answer questions posed by other users on Quora. Keep your answer to 150 words or less. If the questioner wants more information, direct them to a page where they can learn more about the issue they are facing. Using Quora to repurpose your blog content allows you to promote your brand on social media and be helpful to those who need your guidance.

8. Become a Publisher on LinkedIn

LinkedIn remains the channel of choice for professionals wishing to develop and maintain fruitful business relationships or improve their online visibility. The Pulse has been open to all contributors since February, 2014. It allows you to share your old articles while enjoying a good visibility on the social network.

It is important to keep in mind that LinkedIn is not just a great place to liven up old, dusty articles. You should have a social media marketing (or content Marketing) strategy in place and consider what types of content works best for LinkedIn before posting.

Author: Alex Noudelman
Courtesy: www.irisemedia.com