A Recipe for Blogging Success

effective bloggingWith over 150,000,000 blogs and another 175,000 blogs being added to the internet daily, making sure your blog stands out from the rest is no easy feat. While blogging has become increasingly popular in recent years, not many people know what really goes into a great blog post.

In many ways, creating an effective blog post is a lot like cooking up a delicious meal. By carefully following the right recipe, and adding a little something extra on your own you can create a blog that your following will gladly eat up and keep coming back for more.


Discovering What Your Audience is in the Mood For

There’s nothing worse than serving up escargot when your company is looking forward to a barbecue. Taking the time to discover what your audience is in the mood for can ensure you are creating tasty content for your following to enjoy. Keep tabs on your audience by researching your keywords thoroughly for blog post ideas, better niche blogging and other possible keyword suggestions.


The Main Course

The content of your blog post will serve as the main course of your blog post. Remember, you want to create content that will leave your reader’s wanting more. High quality, informative and engaging content not only keeps your reader’s attention and save your blog from being too bland, but also will be viewed positively by Google’s search ranking algorithm. Sprinkle in some relevant keywords to add some flavor to your post and you will be guaranteed to provide a tasty blog. To really leave your audience raving, create something that’d never been done before. Your unique approach could soon become the next big hit.


The Side Dishes

SEO soupWith any blog, it Is important to add a little something extra to retain their interest and help keep your post from becoming too much of the same. Blogs when combined with a piece of visual content or a quick side bar help a reader to stay engaged with a post. Additionally, visual types of content are perfect for social media sharing and pages with visuals receive 94 percent more page visits and engagements than those without.



You wouldn’t eat a meal that didn’t look appetizing, so why would you expect your audience to read a blog post that lacks visual appeal. Like an elegant plating technique, the presentation of your blog will attract reader’s to take that first bite and create a first impression.

Make certain that your blog posts are clear and easy to read. Separate your post with strategic images and headers that enhance your content and help it reach its full potential.


Finish Strong

Any meal can instantly become memorable with a top notch dessert, likewise a well written and creative ending can provide reader’s with a lasting memory that will keep them coming back for more. Use an ending to drive home the key points of your article or pose a question that can inspire engagement.

Quality content and top tier blogging provide the foundation for any successful internet marketing campaign. Blogging can produce 53 percent more traffic and 92 percent of companies who blogged multiple times a day acquire new customers through their blog, helping businesses discover new markets and convert more sales. What is your blog doing differently to help it stand above the competition?
Author: Cory Bosket
Courtesy: www.eyeflow.com