Know the Importance of Blog Comments

wordpress commentsBloggers comments, they are like a reward for the effort delivered by post, but beyond the motivation that they mean, Blog comments are important for the growth of traffic and online positioning of your blog, then we will see that and you share some tips that might help you to increase the participation of your readers.

A blog without comments or blocked the blog comments section, but a blog is a web page or site, the big difference with the rest of the traditional media, is that the blogging platform allows direct interaction and communication with readers, like no other so far does. Therein lies one of the great features that have made ??the art a way of life for many owners of blogs. If the blogger manages to establish communication links with readers, those ties are translated blogger influence on readers, and that is what many brands and companies looking for bloggers, plus the amount blog of followers / views and exposure online.

Why Because Blog comments are important?


1. Good Blog Comments for Good Content:

Put aside for a moment our role as blogger and place ourselves as readers, when we enter a blog and see a lot of content but a few comments can come to believe that the content is bad or mediocre and that’s why nobody blog comments, or is a blog with few visits rather and being honest, that nobody reads. Although there are thousands of blogs daily visits, not all blog comments received, but there is something you can take for granted, if your blog has good content eventually start receiving blog comments and if you get is a sign that you are doing well , even if you have lots of visitors, if your comments are by strangers, and continues.


2. Good social media tools:

In a post must shine, shine the personality of the author, the post should be a true reflection of the passion and the enthusiasm with which the author has created, it must be a window to your world of ideas and should leave an open exchange of opinion space. A post expresses a personal opinion (a blogger is not a journalist who does not make judgments on a topic, just the opposite) that seeks to share but also generate some what? that only the author of the blog know, and should always be clear, the reasons can be many ranging from transmitting ideas, to generate product sales, etc..

When a blog has comments mean that the author has achieved the above. Therefore it is important not to be afraid and let your personality emerge in your post, I can assure your readers perceive that special touch to your post and you will reply blog comments.

Tips: Write about topics of interest to your audience, ask questions at the end of the post, dare to be bold (in wise move) and is constantly involved with your followers on social networks.


3. SEO Google:

The giant network account to post blog comments as positive and as part of the content. But it is not enough to leave you a blog comment like “Great post, Greetings”, however this type of blog comment is penalized by Google, which can help rather than harm. But do not worry, although we cannot avoid receiving these short messages and uninspired, the important thing is to write notes to invite blog comment more elaborate.

Be extremely careful with spam comments as they can significantly affect your online positioning and credibility with new visitors to your site, delete or place a plug in or program auto-detection spam comments.


Tips for more feedback:

1. Simplifies the task your readers: if you find easier to put a captcha code to many readers can be frustrating and end up giving up the desire which prompted them to comment. Avoid spam with other tools.

2. Write about topics of interest: focus your energies on creating content that is relevant to the niche and interest of your audience. Surprise them with news, personal stories, contestant initiatives.

3. Throw the stone and expected the wave: Once you write a post, do not let your blog lodged there waiting for someone comes in and read it. Promote your post on social networks , and note the difference in each, Facebook allows you to make longer blog comments that caught the attention of your followers, Twitter is more direct with less possibility of development, can also be used if you have photos Pinterest Your authorship, Google Plus, etc, etc ….

4. Answer to your blog comments: When we receive so cherished opinions , it is our duty as bloggers respond. Not only as a courtesy to our audience, but as a presence signal, we show that actually behind the blog, is a real person.

Besides our responses give rise to other readers are encouraged to blog comment or you can generate an interesting dialogue that can generate a chain of comments.

5. Ask questions: A widely used technique, which I really doubt its effectiveness, but I share it because maybe I can work with your blog, is to complete a post with a question. But you can also ask questions related to your post on social networks, or you can generate different types of demands or questions during the development of a post without it explicitly with a question at the end.



Blog commenting is the regular work for every blogger to enhance the SEO in online reputation. Every blogger should respect every blog commentator analysis in your blog. Reply every to every comment with polite words. Your blog reputation will rise immediately. Automatically commenting increases blog traffic also.