Multiple topics vs Single topic blogs. Which is your forte?

targeted bloggingAs a blogger it is not unthinkable that you will feel the urge to write on various niches. Until and unless you have dedicated your blog to a specified niche, it is natural that as a writer you might want to explore your knowledge and skills. Infact, why shouldn’t you offer your readers the opportunity to enjoy articles on various topics.

But providing multiple topics in a single website or blog is not a cake walk. So in this post I shall discuss the pros and cons of single and multiple topics blogs to make your outlook broader in both cases.

Advantages of ‘multiple topics’ in a single blog.

  • The foremost advantage of this model is that your domain will strengthen as it will be flourished with various topics and links. With time, keyword selection for ‘multiple topic’ blogs will broaden and become relatively easy. Not only that, possibility of high rank in search engines gains monentum. For example the popularity of Wikipedia in Google is due to its capability to carry innumerable topics.
  • Another big advantage of this multiple topic model is its vast scope of expansion. If your blog is generic in nature then you can keep on adding topics or remove topics simultaneously, without having to perform any edition to your brand.
  • Multiple topics will never bore you as a blogger and your visitors. You can have burst of thoughts to pen down as the demand will be that huge. You will have the freedom to spread your wings through your blog and take on the journey to uncover as many niches you desire.

Disadvantages of having ‘multiple topics’ in a blog

  • You need to invest huge quantity of time, energy and money to earn success in this multi- topic model. You have to maintain each category updations simultaneously. To top that, you are required to select a design which conveys the multifaceted aspect of your blog. A design which supports the multi portal structure of the blog and various channels inside it.
  • Sideways you have to invest on writers who can provide you articles on different topics. If you want to write for all the niches, it is highly unmanageable to produce top quality articles nearly everyday and cover all the niches regularly. No it is practically impossible, so you have to get other writers on board.
  • The chances of confusing your visitors are close if you cannot organise your blog systematically. For example today a visitor finds a good article on a TV programme in your blog. Tomorrow the same visitor might find a different article on antique furnishings and on the third day yet another different topic. Now either your visitor is uber excited with your multi-personality blog or is utterly bewildered to expect anything further. So if the risk works, it is worth it or else it can break your blog.

Advantages of taking on the ‘single topic’ model.

  • This type of blog is sure to have loyal visitors. Visitors know what they are looking for in your blog and if they come back it means they appreciate your content and want to have more insight on the niche you are providing.
  • Brands often prefer to monetise on the single topic blog platform as it attracts regular and sincere visitors. In addition search engines prefer blogs which are focused on a particular niche as they tend to create more quality content. If you concentrate on a particular topic, you have more time to broaden your research and produce articles which are rich in quality and information.

Disadvantages of taking on the ‘single topic’ model.

  • No matter how much time or research you spend on your niche, there will be a saturation level after a point. You might find it increasingly difficult to raise fine articles everytime on a single niche. Your horizon will narrow gradually after writing many articles on the same topic.
  • If you get bored of writing on the same niche time and again there is no way out, as the theme of your blog doesn’t allow you to experiment.

So you see, both the models of blogs have their own pros and cons. I cannot, or for that matter no-one can suggest you to choose either of the two. You have to weigh the options and think wisely which type of blog model can be best handled by you. If you have already selected your target audience then you know if a single niche or multiple-niche model will work for you.

If blogging is just your passion then either model should work for you. But if you want to be a pro blogger, then a soft advise that concentrate on single topic for starters, then once you start growing financially with your blog you can expand your reach gradually.

Author: Jitendra vaswani