3 Misconceptions About Blogging.


1. You can make money by just blogging

NO – You’re not going to make money blogging.

What I mean is most people thought that just by merely blogging they can make money. The answer is NO! Bloggers are making money through Adsense, affiliate ...

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Business Blogging Mistakes.

Blogging Tips for Beginners

If you are in to online marketing for even smallest measure of time now you will agree to me that there are few thing needed by any business website in order to stay and grow with in the online ...

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Would You Read Your Blog?

Blogging for School

Producing great content constantly is like wrestling a bear for 12 rounds without a bell. Earning a living writing requires most of us to churn out content from daybreak until after Jay Leno’s done counting sheep, and it’s really easy to lose the freshness that brought readers to our blog in the first place. So, how can you keep on producing stuff people actually want to read?

The key is ...

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10 Words Every Successful Blogger Needs to Know.

Internet Marketing Company for SEO, Blogging, Social Media Connections

Whether you are blogging for profit, publicity, or pleasure, the basic building blocks of success are the same.

Success can be defined as, “accomplishing an aim or purpose or having achieved popularity, profit, or distinction.” (Google Dictionary)

Here are ten essential words you should consider constantly as a blogger, as they reflect the values you need in order to succeed.

1. Purpose

A purpose is “the ...

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100 Free Blog Tips and Blog Help Every Blogger Should Read.

Want to be a successful blogger? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Following are 100 free blog tips and blog help that teach you how to be start a blog, increase traffic to it, and make money online from your blog. Click on the links to get more details, instructions, and useful information.

1. Don’t bother starting a blog unless you know blogging is right for you.

2. Choose the right topic for your blog.

3. Choose a narrow topic and ...

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