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  • Top 10 Things Which Will Allow my Blog/Website to Rank on Google

    This post includes, 10 things which can help your blog/website appear higher in Google, where each point, has simplified bullet points to make sure nothing has missed. Every point includes information for the most basic and advanced SEO goers.         The 10 points included are : 1. Page Titles 2. Images on […]

  • Building a Network with Social Bookmarking

    The internet has become a part of many people‚Äôs daily life as they stay connected at home, at work and while travelling. Having different devices at different places it has become less practical to have a single source of information saved to a computer, tablet or smart phone. This has led to many cloud based […]

  • Using Social Networks For Marketing.

    The primary reason some ad campaigns have been so successful is they were placed where consumers could see them. Social media is quickly becoming the most effective tool for reaching consumers where they spend their time. For example, Facebook users average 1400 minutes per month. This is about 46 minutes per day, which equates to […]