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  • Do Responsive Web Designs Convert Better?

    Now, we can safely say that 2014 is indeed the year of mobile. Smartphones had taken the place of desktops, laptops, and even tablets. And why not? You could have and do everything you need with using a phone. This also motivates Google to predict that by the fourth quarter of 2014, people will prefer […]

  • 17 Major Main Menu Mistakes

    Did you know that your main menu is a part of your marketing? It’s true. What your menu says gives your visitors a small indication of what your website is about and whether or not they are in the right place. Main menu mistakes can lead to high bounce rate, low length of time on […]

  • Less Known Tips to Secure WordPress Blogs

    The mass attack on WordPress blogs last April raise the issue of web security in general and WordPress security in particular. Although a lot has been written about this issue, in this post I tried to gather some of the less common tips (at least in the e-marketing arena). Some of these tips are simply […]

  • 7 Building Blocks for Starting a Small Business Blog.

    I’ve written a lot of articles in the last couple years for small business bloggers. In going through them, it seems like the best ones fit into seven areas that I believe can serve as a guide for any business that’s just starting a new company blog. (And can serve as a reminder, perhaps, for […]

  • 5 Common Sales Page Mistakes that Are Easy to Fix.

    And when fixed, will immediately increase your sales! In this video I’ll show you the five common mistakes and exactly how to fix them. How to Fix These Common Sales Page Mistakes 1. Eliminate distractions on the page 2. Format the page so that it’s skimmable and easy to digest 3. Add relevant photos 4. […]

  • 16 Tips to Review Before You Buy WordPress Themes.

    What criteria should be considered by purchasers before they buy WordPress themes? Buying a theme should be an informative decision and not one based solely on emotion or esthetics. We theme developers, and our themes for that matter, come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From new theme creators to established WordPress firms, we […]