Tips for Beginners to Become a Pro on WordPress

wordpress blogging tipsWriting is something many people do on a daily basis. To give the content you write, a good platform, you can make use of WordPress. From being just a mere blogging platform in the past, it has now evolved into one of the most efficient content management systems. It works for everything from just creating a simple blog to building fully functional websites and mobile applications. The platform has gained huge popularity in recent years mainly due to its easy-to-use functionality and flexibility of features. Even though it is designed to be user-friendly, it could be a little tricky to understand its working, till you get your blog set-up.

To get through the process, here are some steps for beginners to set up their WordPress website:

1. If you already have your WordPress website set up on your server, you can only ask for a domain name. If not, you can host for free on WordPress.

2. To be able to run the website, you should download the latest version of the WordPress software on your computer.

3. Once this is done, you need to upload files to the server.
After the uploading is done, you need to complete the installation of the software. This will provide you with a login and password which should be saved.

4. You will be able to view your website with a default theme. You can check the various themes available and download the one you most.

5. Check the blog admin area consisting of numerous settings which you can experiment with to see what works best. You can also set your website title and experiment with some main settings.

6. Just creating an account on WordPress and doing some basic settings is surely not enough to get you the desired results. A lot of efforts and a few smart tricks have to be followed to gain maximum benefit out of it.

To see effective results without having to wait much, there are some tips as follows:

I. Sidebars on WordPress are usually full of ads, social media icons, photos of Facebook fans and much more. This could hide a significant link you would like users to visit. It is important to ensure that the sidebar consists of only essentials that will help your business in some way.

II. Maintaining the media library well is vital. It is sensible to create one folder consisting of all media which can be easily searched through by just entering the relevant keyword.

III. Using effective permalinks that make it easy for search engines to find you will surely work in your favor. These permalinks should be compact, instantly give a gist of your post, helping to rank better.

There is tremendous amount of information available on the internet for every topic. The most effective way to differentiate your page is by giving an interesting title and description which instigates users to visit the link and read the information.

IV. To make your page appealing, it is sensible to post images related to the content. Adding a relevant title tag to these images makes it easier for people to understand the page better.

V. There are many such other techniques that will help your WordPress site flourish. It is important to keep reading updates and latest information to implement them effectively for better growth.
Author: Sean Smith