How To Fit Blog Writing Around Your Daily Routine.

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There are many factors that make a successful blog, and you should never underestimate the value of luck in making anything a hit. However while some aspects are out of your control, there are many different elements that all contribute and none are quite as important as simply writing on a regular basis and making an effort to continually update your blog. Doing so will ensure that Google sees your site as one that is contemporary and up-to-date, and it will give your visitors a good reason to check back regularly.

Of course in order to write regularly though you need to find time and this is where many bloggers fall short. Many of us run a website or a blog as a ‘side project’ and don’t yet make a living from it which means we have lots of other commitments taking up our time. Thus, in order to be successful and to get to the point where our blog is our main commitment and the main source of revenue, we need to find ways to fit the writing in around the rest of our lifestyle. Here we’ll look at some ways you can do that.

Find the Extra Time

Most of us have time that we waste every day. Of course waste is a strong word, but what I mean by this is that we have time that could be better spent doing other things. For instance you might find that you spend most evenings watching TV for a couple of hours with the partner, or you might find that you have a long commute where you sit on a train or a bus for forty minutes at a time. Of course then you can make more use of this time, either by opting to take fifteen minutes out (in the case of things like TV watching) or opting to multi-task (in the case of commuting). If you commute to work every day then this is a perfect time to upload a new article.

Increase Your Writing Speed

Of course you’ll still only have a relatively small window of opportunity during this commute which is why you need to make sure that you maximize this time and learn to work quickly. The best way to increase your writing speed is to practice, but in the more immediate term try thinking about your article structures and topics during the day and even taking notes. If you do this, then when you sit down to write you’ll find that your topics just come pouring out. On top of this, make sure that you have a passion or at the very least an interest in whatever subject you choose to write about – if you find it interesting you’ll find you have lots to say which will mean it comes out more easily.

Use a Tablet or Phone

Sometimes we have moments where we’re wasting time that we couldn’t predict – a train breaks down for instance or we get stuck in a long queue at the bank. This is actually the perfect time to write, if only you have a tablet or a large phone that you can write on easily and the right apps. Get the WordPress app and a decent keyboard on an Android tablet for instance and you can upload new articles in minutes meaning that there’s no longer any such thing as ‘wasted time’. Of course you can improve on this ability further by making sure you’ve invested in the best technology for quickly writing on the go – I use a Nexus 7 tablet with some great apps installed and a foldable Bluetooth keyboard.

Carry a Notepad

Carrying a notepad can help many different aspects of your day to day life and I don’t just mean for bloggers and webmasters. If you are a webmaster though then you’re going to find this particularly useful as you can take notes whenever you have an idea or jot down the outline of an article without having to load anything up. This way, when you do then sit down to write, you’ll be able to reel huge amounts off in moments because you’ll have the structure and the inspiration ready.

Thinking Time

Sometimes it’s not suitable to even use a notepad and pen – during the trailers at the cinema or when you’re lying in bed for instance. This can however make very suitable thinking time and this is a great opportunity to plan out what your next blog post or two will be – which again will help you to finally sit down to write.

Know What to Stop Doing

Most of us have habits and activities that we could live without. For many of us this will mean coming home and watching TV for two hours before bed, while for others it might just mean being the member of a club that we don’t particularly enjoy any more. By removing some of these things that take up time on a regular basis, we can then free up time for writing. Just make sure you do use it for blog writing, and not just to crash on the sofa a bit longer…

Get Up Forty Minutes Earlier

Still struggling to find time to write on a daily basis? Then just get up forty minutes earlier (few people take longer than that to write a blog post) and you’ll have ample opportunity before everyone else gets up and starts making demands…

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