3 Time-Saving Techniques for Blogging

blogging tipsCreating content for your blog is a time-consuming and often challenging task.

Content needs to be unique and engaging and not to mention useful to readers, clients, and potential leads.

So how can you manage your business and still make time to write posts and keep your blog up-to-date?

Here are our recommendations on three ways you can save time blogging:


1. Brainstorm on the go

No matter how busy you find yourself, you always have down time. Think commuting, eating, even day dreaming at a work meeting. Don’t let this time go to waste! Sitting in your car during rush-hour? Enjoying a sandwich in the break room? Try to use this time to jot down some potential topics for your blog. Travelling with co-workers? On your way to a meeting? Hold an impromptu brainstorming session. Just make sure someone is taking notes!


2. It doesn’t need to be perfect

You read it correctly! Your blog post doesn’t need to be perfect. Now, that doesn’t mean you should post articles with egregious errors or grammatical mistakes. But spending hours upon hours rewriting and editing a single blog post is detrimental to your productivity. Here’s what we recommend: Once you decide on a topic, schedule some time to free write the post. Sit down at your computer and just see what comes out. Then, once you’ve completed the article, go back and edit. Look for any errors, grammatical or otherwise. Do research and add in quotes. Once you’re finished, have another person read and edit the article before posting. The key is to find balance between writing engaging, accurate content without having to waste a lot of time in the editing phase.


3. Use dual monitors

Our Chatter Buzz writers love their dual monitors! While this might be a more expensive hack, dual computer monitors make research more enjoyable and speed up the entire writing process. Think about how much time you spend jumping from tab to tab, program to program. Not anymore! So go ahead and invest in that new screen. Trust us. You’ll love it.

While these are a few of our favorite time-saving techniques, this is by no means an exhaustive list. Are you constantly getting distracted by the internet? Consider an app like Anti-Social (blocks all distracting social media sites!) or Self-Control (essentially turns your computer into a word processor for a set amount of time).
Author: Brianna Entler