5 Effective Tips to Increase Your Blog Followers

blog visitorsOne of the ongoing goals of every blogger is to increase the number of blog followers, beyond the occasional traffic, we are looking for stable readers of our blogs, readers who return, participating, commenting, which are involved, they recommend, etc. But to do so we must make it easier for our fans, this is where mail subscriptions, Facebook page, Twitter account, subscribe by RSS, Google Plus page and other social networks and / or services of updating content, become indispensable . If a person receives all emails with the latest news, or on account of RSS syndication, or on Facebook, etc. is much more likely to click on a title and go to the blog as blog followers, if you remember nothing there of our new publications.

So first of all, it is essential that we believe accounts in social networks and services listed above, but is not the end all, once accounts are created, there are tricks or steps we can do to improve the subscription to them.

Here I share some tips for you to increase the number of blog followers in your different ways of updating and dissemination of content:


1. Promotes the subscription in your publications

Place around the side of the blog is one of the most common and perhaps one of the most obvious, so I have not included as a step, you probably already have them. But if you need to write your articles when you add in the end, a note that offers more of such content by Facebook following you, or registering your email subscription service, etc. For example if you write about diets you could put at the end of your post “Get more diets like this and tips to lose weight free and in your email by subscribing here as blog followers” and there add in link to your subscription page, or it may be Facebook page etc., which you have selected, and you see that gives you more fruit.


2. Provides tools to your readers

Place widgets, links and subscription tools in a visible place, highest in the sidebars of your blog, the better you can also add links or windows subscription in the space between two publications, and even in the header or logo on your blog.


3. Give something for them to become blog followers of my blog

A great way to increase the number of followers is offering something free in return, for example can be an ebook in exchange for the subscription by mail, or you can make a weekly, biweekly or monthly drawing for your followers who are on Facebook, or You can offer a gift to change with the niche of your blog. The key is to offer something that is representative and practical for your readers and which provides value-added experience, visiting and reading my blog.


4. Promotes the popularity of your blog showing the number of blog followers

Once your blog has begun to receive a decent traffic and has a good number of blog followers display them! For example if your blog has more than 100 subscribers by mail, shows this number in your blog, Feedburner does it automatically and bring around some blogs provided by this tool. When you get to the number that you consider appropriate begins to spread, if you do not find the widgets so you can do by adding sentences at the end of your blog you mention, for example: “Join our community on Facebook with more than 300 followers” casual visitors often encouraged high numbers and think “if 500 people say this blog is so good as to subscribe, it’s because it should be better I subscribe too”


5. Create good content

Although it sounds repetitive, we can not fail to mention it, no one will want to return to your blog if the content is bad. Content is everything, is beyond the design, whether or not it nice, if the content is handy to your readers, if they served, if it is well written with good spelling, your readers will not return. Also remember to create original, fresh and personal content is also very important.



The art of blogging includes the reader into the conversation, add your review publications, please show your personality Articles, a blog that just repeat information from other pages, blog is a dull, no style, boring and cold. Blogs that achieve the features mentioned above as important, are the blogs that achieve a stable number of readers and subscribers. The above discussed five tips are very useful for every blogger to increase blog followers.
Author: Satish Kumar Ithamsetty
Courtesy: www.bloggingden.com