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  • How To Engage Readers and Promote Your Blog

    An on-site blog for any domain is a great platform to not only educate their users about their niche but also to interact with the audience, understanding their perspective & receive precious feedback. Ensuring this audience helps you to increase traffic with word of mouth, & tap in to conversions is a super bonus. This […]

  • Five Tips To Get Your Readers To Sign Up For Your Mailing List

    A mailing list is an invaluable marketing tool and as a business or website owner you should be thinking about having one, if you don’t have one already. Having customers on a mailing list means that you can regularly show up in their inbox, which – if used effectively – can deliver a much better […]

  • 9 SEO Blogging Tactics to Maximize Your Online Visibility

    Creating a blog for a business is part of an overall content marketing strategy that simultaneously builds credibility, increases exposure and traffic, and increases conversion rates. But for your efforts to pay off, your blog content has to reach your intended audience. Here are some proven ways to get the most out of each blog […]

  • 8 Tips To Write Perfect Blog Title.

    Why Blog Titles Are Important? Did You giving care for your blog titles? Blog titles have a magical power! A good title can flow visitors without leaving your website. Most of organic traffic will comes in the base of its title. Because it is the first thing that people see and they will take decision […]

  • Guest Blogging Vs Guest Posting – Imagine A World Without Links.

    For several months now debate has continued about the merits of guest posting, the relationship between content and links, backlinks, publishers and signature links, guest posting, and comments. It’s sad to read articles about the decline in the importance in guest blogging. It’s pure drivel and the irony is not lost on many a marketer. […]

  • How to Make Money From Your Travel Blog.

    Travel blogging generally seems to be considered as a dream job by many. Images of awesomely tanned people with sunglasses pushed up their foreheads, backpacks ready to go, and all sorts of exotic adventures – who wouldn’t want to have a job that involves all that and more? In reality, however, travel blogging may not […]

  • SEO Your Blog the Easy Way.

    When you are thinking about search engine optimizing your blog you usually think about complex algorithms and slick tricks. However it does not require a ton of money or effort to have your blog posts go up in the search ranking. Instead, all it takes is a little know how and some good content. Here […]

  • Why You Should (or Shouldn’t ) Use List Blogs.

    In my quest for SEO knowledge I have created a list of blogs to monitor daily. I have been watching them closely looking for similarities, soaking in expertise, and at times being overwhelmed by the creativity of bloggers. Trying to discover the subtleties of search I stumbled upon one of my own patterns: I open […]

  • How To Get Reputable Bloggers To Share Your Content.

    I had to stop what I was doing and share this with you guys. In this video I show you how a blogger approached me and got me to share his content on all my social media networks. The blogger’s name is Justin Young. He created a cool tutorial called “How To Use Google Reader […]

  • How To Get Google To Love Your Blog.

    Blog owners are having a rough time getting ranked with Google as of late. With Google’s latest algorithm updates it seems to becoming harder and harder as time goes on. Keeping and increasing Google’s attention on both new and older blogs takes some thought and some reinventing of your blog. Good Questions Regarding Your Blog […]