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  • What Should You Call Your Blog?

    We have several clients this season who, having seen great results with a website we built and managed for them, have come back to us for another website. It’s hard to think of a nicer compliment. One of these clients said, “Let’s talk about blogging. We really didn’t do that with the first website.” Actually, […]

  • 5 Super Secrets: How to Get Your Blog 1000s of Email Subscribers

    I’ve been the CEO of a digital marketing agency for 10 years, and I would like to share 5 super secrets that our team uses to get our clients 1000?s of email subscribers. But, this post isn’t about how to write better blog posts. Let’s assume you already do that. This post is about how […]

  • How to Grow Your Blog by Writing for Other Bloggers

    Every blogger wants a bigger audience. You know that one of the best ways to capture readers is to provide great content—but did you know that it’s even more effective to give that great content away to another blog? Guest posting is one of the best ways to market your blog, hands down. It may […]

  • The New Rules for Guest Blogging

    A few weeks ago, with very little fanfare, Google quietly made some changes to the Webmaster Guidelines page about link schemes. Now considered a link scheme are “Large-scale article marketing or guest posting campaigns with keyword-rich anchor text links.” There are hundreds, if not thousands, of marketing-minded sites out there that explain the lasting SEO […]

  • 9 SEO Blogging Tactics to Maximize Your Online Visibility

    Creating a blog for a business is part of an overall content marketing strategy that simultaneously builds credibility, increases exposure and traffic, and increases conversion rates. But for your efforts to pay off, your blog content has to reach your intended audience. Here are some proven ways to get the most out of each blog […]

  • Long awaited service for bloggers of all levels launching April 22nd, 2013

    1. DO YOU NEED A GREAT BLOG? We are about to launch a new website called Blogican.com with services that a lot of people wanted forever. Do you have a great idea for a blog, but don’t have time or skills to creat one, so it looks top notch? Or, may be, you need to […]

  • 5 Ways to Increase Blog Subscriptions.

    A loyal blog reader is worth a dozen one-time visitors, if not more. A blog’s subscription numbers are a fair indication of the site’s strength. Below are five ways to convert occasional readers into loyal subscribers. Regular, Engaging Content You’ve heard this advice in one form or another, but it remains the most important aspect […]

  • 5 Cool Tips to Brand Your Blog.

    These are simple tips with examples added to make the tips easier to understand and apply to your own blog. Create a Template Your blog should have a certain theme or template that is used on every blog post, except for seasonal posts in which you should put holiday themes and backgrounds. Otherwise, you need […]

  • Why You Should (or Shouldn’t ) Use List Blogs.

    In my quest for SEO knowledge I have created a list of blogs to monitor daily. I have been watching them closely looking for similarities, soaking in expertise, and at times being overwhelmed by the creativity of bloggers. Trying to discover the subtleties of search I stumbled upon one of my own patterns: I open […]

  • How To Get Google To Love Your Blog.

    Blog owners are having a rough time getting ranked with Google as of late. With Google’s latest algorithm updates it seems to becoming harder and harder as time goes on. Keeping and increasing Google’s attention on both new and older blogs takes some thought and some reinventing of your blog. Good Questions Regarding Your Blog […]