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  • Everything You Need to Know About Company’s Blog

    You’ve heard a lot about SEO. You must be curious to know about Blackhat SEO and Whitehat SEO! Because you hear a lot about these terms. I promise you didn’t notice someone emphasizing that much on a company’s blog. Now, here is the deal. I’ll tell you how your company’s blog will help your site’s […]

  • 12 Things You Should Do After Publishing a Blog for Your Business

    After reading up on the power of content marketing, you successfully finished writing the most awesome blog post for your company blog. Now that your blog post has been published for the world to see, you may think you can just sit back and watch as your blog generates traffic overnight. “How could it not?” […]

  • 17 Things You Didn’t Know Your Company’s Blog Could Do

    A corporate blog is great for many reasons related to search engine optimization, which you probably are already aware of, but did you know that you can use your company blog platform for the following purposes: To showcase your employees – Share the talented people in your office with the world. Let your readers meet […]

  • 5 Cool Tips to Brand Your Blog.

    These are simple tips with examples added to make the tips easier to understand and apply to your own blog. Create a Template Your blog should have a certain theme or template that is used on every blog post, except for seasonal posts in which you should put holiday themes and backgrounds. Otherwise, you need […]

  • Add Affiliate Marketing to Your Blogging Arsenal.

    How can bloggers take the next step to becoming great affiliate marketers? After all, bloggers are sending readers to links every day with their posts. They’re bringing their focus and passion to topics of their choosing, and they’re creating compelling, unique content that helps to bring in an online audience. So why not develop some […]