17 Things You Didn’t Know Your Company’s Blog Could Do

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A corporate blog is great for many reasons related to search engine optimization, which you probably are already aware of, but did you know that you can use your company blog platform for the following purposes:

To showcase your employees – Share the talented people in your office with the world. Let your readers meet the people behind the scenes that make your business unique and special.

FAQ’s – Take all of the questions that come in from clients about your business, products or services and put them on your blog. This is terrific evergreen content for your website and saves you time when answering the same questions multiple times (just put the url link into an email).

Share your company personality – photos of your inspiration boards, waiting room or new coffee station let clients know that people are running the company, not the other way around. People like to do business with people!

Address current events – George Page, an independent insurance agent, shared with me a great example of how he reacted last year when Hurricane Sandy ravaged his town. He used his phone as a hot spot to power up his laptop and began filing claims for clients within 24 hours of the storm hitting town.

How To – teach us something that you do. Don’t fear that you are giving away the secret sauce, people love to learn. Interior designer Laurel Bern shows how she painted her upholstered furniture (huge hit), I have seen countless web designers share their CSS code, Dan Egan (from the Warren Miller films) shares ski tips, etc. Let us know what you know.

Behind the scenes access – do you do business with someone that your clients want to meet? Ask that person for an interview and post it on your blog.

Share what you see in your industry’s future – have you been to any conferences or know of new technology coming to the market? Let clients know what they can look forward to in the future.

Share industry struggles – is the industry all feeling frustrated by something? I know the WordPress community is clamouring for the ability to see post updates in real time

Lists – Where to go, who to see, what to eat, what not to do, who to follow, where to shop, tools you like, products you love, etc

No No’s – all the stuff that doesn’t work (software, hardware, people, products, food, practices, etc)

Who to Learn From – think of the success of the What I Learned in Kindergarten. Or showcase the real pioneers of your industry, or the emerging talent or the quiet achievers, there are plenty of awesome people out there doing impressive stuff.

e-books and White Papers – share the stuff you have already created. Gaming giant Valve shares their employee handbook online.

Survey’s – pop over to Survey Monkey and set up a questionnaire to gather feedback about your business, trends or the check pulse of your community. Or use Google’s new Consumer Surveys

Establish yourselves as thought leaders – share your vision for the industry

Showcase your favorite clients -The folks at Goodbye Crutches had a journalism intern interview clients and share their stories on their blog!

Share under utilized or unknown features of your products/ – people love getting more for their money or discovering new uses for things they already have (think 101 ways to use baking soda, I promise those posts are more popular than you would think over on Pinterest)

Reviews – write out the pros and cons of various products. If you are a wedding planner, tell us about different weights of paper stock and why some are better than others. Or if you own a yoga studio, what are the differences in yoga mats and why does it matter.

Author: Eileen Lonergan

Courtesy: www.searchenginepeople.com

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