8 Common Mistakes to Avoid When You Start to Blog

blogging mistakes

Overtime, running a blog can really be a fulfilling way to express yourself and could even be pretty profitable. The only problem is, when you’re new to blogging, you are more at risk of doing something that could lower the success factor of your blog. While we would all love to blog and get millions of viewers right away, that won’t happen. So to help make your blog as best ...

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Backing Up and Moving Your WordPress Website Safely and Easily

wordpress blogging tips

Ever have one of those days when everything went wrong? How about the time when your new 500 page website got hacked and you had no backup? Or the day your hosting company decided to increase your hosting fees by 500%? Or when the new dev wiped out your best client’s site, trying to “improve” it? Or… well you get the picture, we all have had something like that ...

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Nine blog post writing tips

blogging tips

How does a web content writer writes irresistible articles? Those who pay a content writer or paid for articles know the secrets. Specialists in writing services have compiled a list of tips to help you create blogs where readers return time and time again. If you want to generate traffic then you better have something interesting waiting for viewer who invests their time in your site. With this in mind here ...

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9 SEO Blogging Tactics to Maximize Your Online Visibility

blog development

Creating a blog for a business is part of an overall content marketing strategy that simultaneously builds credibility, increases exposure and traffic, and increases conversion rates. But for your efforts to pay off, your blog content has to reach your intended audience. Here are some proven ways to get the most out of each blog post and fully enjoy the benefits of blogging.

Use Plugins

If you’re using the WordPress platform, the ...

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How To Plan Your Business Blog.

Business plan writing workshop

Planning a business blog is a tricky concept, especially if you don’t have a clear image of what your CUSTOMERS want.

Notice I didn’t say:

1) What will sell your products

2) How to look “professional” and convince customers to like you

3) How to do things just because the “guru” told you to

A great business blog is all about giving your CUSTOMERS what they want.

So what is that exactly?

What Customers Want

If ...

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The Blogger Outreach Equation.


Does your team have a smiling face, who sits behind a desk and pitches content marketing all day? That’s your sales team — I mean, your blogger outreach team. Fortunately, your blogger outreach team is selling what people want: free, mutual-benefit content. ...

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Keeping Guest Blogging Organized: Individuals V Companies.

Choosing a blogging service: Blogger, Tumblr or WordPress ...

Guest blogging is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways for a company to get started with SEO. This means that individuals are being hired to contribute articles, in some cases full-time (like ...

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How To Fit Blog Writing Around Your Daily Routine.

 ... blogging with all this talk of Twitter and Facebook. But is blogging

There are many factors that make a successful blog, and you should never underestimate the value of luck in making anything a hit. However while some aspects are out ...

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6 Tips for Attracting More Comments.

We’re often asked “How do you get more people to read and respond to blog posts?”

Good question! We all gain more out of blogging when we comment.

Comments motivate, provide feedback and advice, challenge our thoughts and views, make us reflect on what we’re learning.

The challenge is how do we attract more comments?

Below’s my tips for attracting more comments for personal educational blogging. Check out Kathleen Morris’s tips for ‘Attracting blog comments’ on class and student blogs.

What are yours? ...

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