Everything You Need to Know About Company’s Blog

company bloggingYou’ve heard a lot about SEO.

You must be curious to know about Blackhat SEO and Whitehat SEO!

Because you hear a lot about these terms.

I promise you didn’t notice someone emphasizing that much on a company’s blog.

Now, here is the deal.

I’ll tell you how your company’s blog will help your site’s SEO, plus, what you need to know about a company’s blog.


People rush towards ...

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Top 10 Tools for Intermediate Bloggers

blogging tools

Now that you’ve got some blogging under your belt, you’re likely on the prowl for new tools to improve the effectiveness of your blog. Whether you’d like to introduce a subscription service or you want a better way to manage your upcoming posts, these 10 tools will help you get your blog to the next level, strengthen your brand, and make your life ...

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8 Sure-Fire Ways To Repurpose Blog Content


You’ve spent hours writing the perfect content for your company blog. You’ve added images, charts and tables to make it high quality and even promoted it on your social media channels to attract new visitors. Now what? How do you get the most mileage out of what you wrote in the past?

With so many places to share and post your content (Facebook, Pinterest, ...

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How To Create A Blog That Converts

effective bloggingThe benefits of a blog, for content marketing and SEO, have long been understood and appreciated by online marketers. The extra word count gives you lots of room for keyword development and creating useful content generates organic links. Another crucial way you can use your blog is to drive conversions themselves.

Using a blog as a sales tool is a tricky business. If readers ...

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Blogging for the Audience You Want

targeted bloggingYou’ve heard people say, “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” While ironing your slacks and wearing a nice pair of shoes won’t necessarily get you a promotion, and dressing like a police officer because that’s what you’ve always wanted to be will only get you into legal trouble, that old adage offers pretty good advice.

It’s about identifying what ...

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How Long Should a Blog Post Be? Myths Debunked!

blog post tipsHere at Rank Jane we get emails about this all the time, how long should a blog post be?

Does Google like me more if I have over 1,000 words?

Do people pay more attention to shorter articles?

I’m always confused as to why we keep getting these questions. I feel as though the answer is obvious once we understand how Google truly works. People ...

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